Glass Door Installation & Repair
Unfortunately, broken glass on the doors of a fireplace are a very common problem if you purchase them from a home center. There are two reasons for this:

1. The parts used to hold the glass in place may be inferior.
2. The glass used may only be 3/16 inches thick which is not as safe as using 1/4 inch thick glass.

To find replacement glass for your fireplace, you will need to find a glass shop that can provide FULLY TEMPERED glass. Please note that if the glass is not fully tempered, it is not safe to use in a fireplace door. It is also best that you actually remove the glass piece from your fireplace and take it to the glass company cutting the glass so they can get an extremely precise measurement.

Otherwise, it may not fit properly and this could create unsafe conditions as well. If you are having trouble removing your broken glass door and/or finding a good place to provide the tempered glass, gives us a call and we will help. We can also install your new glass so it is installed correctly and safely. You may also want to discuss with us options for replacing the full unit instead of just the glass.