Chimney Inspections

If you want to maintain the efficiency and safety of your chimney, it’s important to clean it on a regular basis. Failure to do so can be harmful to one’s health, mainly because of the ‘creosote.’ It’s the byproduct of burning wood that accumulates in the flue, resulting to unpleasant odors, damages, improper drafting, and worse case scenario, chimney fires. That’s the reason why, Chicagoland Fireplace & Chimney Restoration recommends getting your chimney cleaned at least every 36 fires.

The Chicagoland Fireplace & Chimney Restoration is equipped with highly-skilled technicians who are nationally certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Aside from that, these professionals regularly attend seminars and classes in order to familiarize and update themselves with the latest innovations and advancements related to our industry. With that, we’re proud to say that we only offer the most knowledgeable and reputable chimney professionals who are capable of doing an efficient job.

The Use of Brushes and Other Manual Chimney Cleaning Equipment
Here at Chicagoland Fireplace & Chimney Restoration, chimney sweeping is done with the use of brushes and other manual chimney cleaning equipment. We believe that this is the only way to ensure that the system will be thoroughly cleaned from the fireplace up.

Though, before our cleaning professionals start, drop cloths are often used in order to protect the surfaces in the area around the fireplace. Likewise, we also use a Triple Hepa Filter Vacuum in order to ensure that there won’t be any allergens, or dust in the air circulation around your home.

Level 2 NFPA Inspection

Every chimney cleaning done by Chicagoland Fireplace & Chimney Restoration includes level 2 NFPA inspection in order to ensure quality service.

Chimney Inspections

As a way to efficiently reduce the risks of chimney fires, as well as carbon monoxide poisoning, we believe that regular chimney inspections should be observed at all costs. Aside from that, it’s also important to diagnose the probable issues before giving a quotation.

Likewise, all of the inspections done by the Chicagoland Fireplace & Chimney Restoration should meet level 2 NFPA requirements and are performed by highly-skilled and certified technicians.

SmartScan Inspection

This type of inspection utilizes a video scan of the entire system for the internal portion. This includes the following: smoke chamber, firebox, chimney flue, smoke shelf, and damper assembly. Our technicians will be looking for cracks in the clay tiles, obstructions, signs of moisture, absence of liner, and anything else that can make the chimney harmful, dangerous or inefficient.

On the other hand, external portion of the inspection focuses on the importance of the chimney crown, cover, brick and mortar, as well as flashing. That’s why the technician is tasked to ensure that the structure will remain strong and will fully protect the chimney against water and animals outside.

The Right Time to Have a Chimney Inspection

As a rule of thumb, the perfect time to consider a chimney inspection should be done whenever you notice visible soot in your home. Likewise, here are some of the instances when a chimney inspection should be considered:
– Before installing a new, fuel burning appliance such as, hot water heater and furnace.
– Before each heating season.
– Immediately after a chimney or house fire.
– Before buying a new home.
– If the home has been accidentally struck my lightning.
– If the chimney had experienced impact, such as being hit by a falling tree.
– If there’s staining on the outside or inside of the home, especially near the chimney.
– After roof replacement.

The Levels of Chimney Inspection
Level 1: This is considered a routine examination of all the accessible areas of the flue, chimney, and enclosing structures. For this, hand tools must be utilized.
Level 2: A level 2 inspection is more detailed as compared to a level 1 inspection, because it includes the evaluation of the flue lining, together with the clearance and proper construction of the chimney system. A video scan will be helpful in this level.
Level 3: This kind of inspection includes both level 1 and 2 inspection, as well as the evaluation of all the concealed areas of the building. This type of inspection is usually done, when the suspected problems of the chimney can lead to a total tear down.

The Chicagoland Fireplace & Chimney Restoration is equipped with certified technicians that will bring your fireplace and chimney to its proper working condition, ensuring that you’ll never experience the same problems again.

Lastly, aside from detecting the signs of dangerous conditions, a chimney inspection can also give you the information you need in regard to the overall structure of the building. This can help you detect the early signs of damage, allowing you to fix it, before it turns out into something more serious and potentially dangerous to the home and its occupants.