Chimney Cap Installation

6 Reasons to Install a Chimney Cap

A chimney cap will play an integral role in the home’s chimney system, so if you do not already have one installed in your home, these are a few reasons to consider doing so immediately.

1. Moisture Levels are Reduced
When a chimney cap is in place, it will help plug up the space so that rain water does not trickle down the chimney. If a chimney has stainless steel liners in place, rainwater can cause a great deal of damage to the chimney. Chimney dampers and mortar joints can also be damaged by rainwater. Damage is only one issue you have to worry about without the cap in place. When moisture levels build up, and dew forms, this can lead to mold and mildew in the home, which is an even bigger and costlier problem you will have to deal with in the near future.

2. Animals can’t get in 
Squirrels, birds, and raccoon are a few animals which can make their way into your chimney if you do not have a cap in place. Although they can get in, the critters aren’t able to exit the chimney on their own, and eventually are left to die in your home’s chimney. Along with the unpleasant odors, maggots and flies will also make their way into the chimney over time, which can become a massive problem. A large chimney cap can eliminate these dangers, by preventing the animals from ever getting in the chimney.

3. Downdrafts Will be Blocked 
A downdraft can be produced in the home if the wind is blowing in a certain direction, this can cause a huge fire threat for those who have a wood burning fireplace installed in their home. The wind induced downdraft can potentially blow smoke into the home, which causes the threats in the home. With the cap in place, the flat shaped top is designed to help prevent the downdraft, and prevent the wind from entering the chimney in a direction it should not be entering the space.

4. Sparks and Embers are Prevented 
Spark arrestors are a name which many people refer to chimney caps by. This is so because the cap is in place to help prevent the sparks and embers from traveling up the chimney, and eventually landing on top of your home’s roof. This could potentially lead to a fire if the chimney cap is not installed especially for certain types of fireplaces.

5. Debris Build up is Minimized 
Twigs, branches, leaves and other forms of debris tend to make their way into the home’s chimney over time. If there is no cap in place, they are going to sit in the chimney, which will eventually lead to the blocking of the air passages in the chimney.

6.Water Damage Prevention 
Also known as a rain cover, the chimney cap is probably the most affordable method homeowners can use to keep water out of the house through the chimney. The cap has been a preventive measure, and is one of the longest standing safety mechanisms a homeowner can employ if they do have a chimney in the home. Underwriter Laboratories (UL) require any lining system which is listed for testing to have a cap in place for them to perform such tests.

With more than one flue (opening), most chimneys are a great rain or water hazard to most homes. A single flue allows plenty of water or snow into the home, and once it thaws, this can mean a great deal of damage to the structures of the house and the furniture in our home.

The chimney cap can prevent animals such as birds from entering, and can also serve to help prevent sparks from igniting the roof. A well designed chimney cap is one of the cheapest ways to protect your home, from a number of threats.

For cleaning and inspection purposes, the cap should be easily removable. Corrosion resistant, durable materials should be used in the construction of the chimney caps because they will have to withstand the elements of weather. The different caps can cover single or multiple flues, and the entire top or portions of the top of the chimney. A larger investment is required for a full cover flue, but it is an investment which is best for long term protection because it can cover the entire crown. With an extensive selection of chimney caps, Chicagoland Fireplace & Chimney Restoration is your Chicagoland supplier for your home’s protection.