Premium Black Powder Coated *Reversible* Multi-Flue Chimney Cap
3/4″ Mesh (6 Year Guarantee) – 10″ Screen Height

All Chimney Products Multi-flue sizes have reversible panels for ease of installation, lids held on with studs and wingnuts for easy service, 10″ screen height, and come boxed in knock-down form to save on space and freight!

The anchoring flange at the base of the Multi-Flue chimney cap can face either in or out, on any side to give a great fit.

Note: Caps come with tapcons and silicone adhesive.

Baffles are available for both S.S. and Black caps. (Note: When covering two or more flues sometimes a “smoke over” problem occurs (smoke from one flue going down another). A baffle between the flues usually eliminates this when it does occur.)

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multi flue cap BL size large