Key Features

  • Handcrafted to represent the historic coal-burning fireplaces
  • Made from the finest refractory ceramics with sturdy steel reinforcement
  • Features a pre-installed manual safety pilot for convenient ignition
  • Modern style basket adds a touch of elegance
  • ANSI certified burner system with 33,000 BTU output

Modeled from historic fireplaces, the Rasmussen CoalFire Modern style set is an authentic touch to any Victorian style fireplace with a modern flair. The coals are made from refractory cement and the burner state-of-the-art lanced-port opposed-louver burner that will heat your room effortlessly has a BTU output of 33,000 BTUs. Surrounding the coals is a beautiful basket, incorporating a modern shape. Featured is a pre-installed manual safety pilot valve for convenient ignition. Typically, this CoalFire set is used for fireplaces that were not designed for burning wood but have a flue or fireplaces with shallow depths. This Rasmussen Gas Log set includes: Vent-Free Coals, Vent-Free ANSI Certified Burner, Grate, Safety Control, Oxygen Depletion Sensor, (ODS) Pilot, Connector Kit and Sand.