Mountain Split Oak
The Mountain Split Oak built by Grand Canyon Gas Logs is one of two great options for the contractors and builders of the market. This economically priced collection balances great look with great prices. The Mountain Split Oak is Grand Canyon Gas Logs most versatile set of logs within our line up. The reason that this line is so versatile is that all of the logs are able to be displayed two ways. Customers have the ability to showcase the barky back of the log or the fleshy split middle of the log as if the logs were cut right in half. Being able to display the logs two ways give our customers the ability to create their own custom look of logs. The Mountain Split Oak logs are built the same way as our famous native series with individually cast logs and then hand painted by our master craftsman.
Builders Series Mountain Oak Grand Canyon Logs

Western Oak

The Western Oak is the second of our 2 great builders series options. This Builder’s Series balances great looks with a great priced set. The Western Oak is our best bark look in the Builders Series. These hand cast and hand painted logs will look like that were just picked up off the forest floor and thrown in your fireplace. The array of colors allows for greater detail in the bark pattern.
Builders Series Western Oak Grand Canyon Logs