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If you don’t have your smoke shaft cleaned on a regular basis, this could lead to two serious problems:

  • The build-up in your smokes haft may allow dangerous gases to enter your home!
  • The walls of your smokes haft may catch fire from the dark residue there!

We suggest that you have your smoke shaft cleaned at least once a year. This is a standard, affordable solution offered by Chicagoland Fire place & Chimney Restoration Co. For people who live in extremely frigid climates, a fireplace is among the most essential household appliances. While you enjoy your time reading your favorite books or watching movies, it could give you warmth. To remove such harmful pollutants, chimney cleaning is crucial.

The vast majority of home owners, however, are unaware of the importance of periodic smoke shaft cleaning. A fire is often formed into smoke shafts. However, they could serve as a source of dangerous creosote build-up. This substance has the potential to start a dangerous smoke shaft fire if it accumulates to sufficient levels. Only thorough smoke shaft cleaning will eliminate this risk and threat to your houses.

Carbon monoxide gas poisoning is another serious risk associated with a filthy smoke shaft. Every year, many cases of carbon monoxide poisoning are documented. In reality, countless incidents go undetected. Health problems might be caused by carbon monoxide gas, and it occasionally poses a risk of death. The increasing frequency of carbon monoxide gas incidents is mostly due to home heating appliances.

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