Chimney Liners Replacement Service

In recent times, a lot of homeowners have been using chimney liners for masonry chimneys. In simple terms, a flue lining in a standard masonry chimney is a ceramic, metal or clay conduit carefully installed inside a chimney. The primary purpose of a liner is to contain different kinds of combustion products, direct these products outside the atmosphere, and protect your chimney walls from corrosion and heat.

It is worth mentioning that building codes are different for every locality or state. However, it is still recommended to install the flue lining. It has been used since the beginning of this century. In fact, most fire and building codes have mandated liners. It makes sure your chimney stays protected and safe.

Twice in the last century (1940s and 1980s), masonry chimneys were properly tested by the National Bureau of Standards to ensure durability. There were some rising concerns regarding the safety and performance of masonry chimneys. According to the tests, it was revealed that unlined chimneys were unsafe. Due to this, researchers characterized installing a chimney without a liner as very dangerous. Chimney liners perform three different function :

Protecting House from Heat Transfer – A chimney liner protects your house from heat transfer to dangerous combustibles. According to the NBS tests, unlined chimneys tend to allow heat to move through your chimney rapidly. Due to this, adjacent woodwork may catch fire within a few hours.

Protecting the Masonry from Corrosive Byproducts – Chimney liners can also protect the masonry from corrosive byproducts of heat and combustion. As per the tests performed by the NBS, the flue gases can penetrate the mortar and brick. Due to this, there is a reduction in the life of your chimney.  It is worth mentioning that flue gases are acidic in nature. They can cause damage to the mortar joints from inside your chimney. When the mortar joints erode, heat tends to transfer rapidly to nearby combustibles. Thus, dangerous gases, like carbon monoxide, may leak into your home’s living areas.

Providing Correctly Sized Flue – Chimney liners provide you with a correctly sized flue. This ensures optimum efficiency for your appliances. Modern gas or oil furnaces and wood stoves require a properly sized flue to function efficiently. Your home’s chimney is responsible for not allowing the byproducts of combustion a passage out of your house.  However, the draft generated by your chimney can also supply the harmful combustion air to your appliance. An improperly sized chimney liner may lead to excess creosote buildup in your wood burning stoves. In addition to this, it may lead to the production of carbon monoxide where traditional fuels are used.

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