Universal Chimney Cap for the Midwest and Northeast

304 Stainless Steel (Lifetime Guarantee) – 3/4″ Mesh

If your service area has 8″x13″, 12″x12″, 13″x13″ and a lot of chimneys without raised flue liners, this is the cap for you and your customers. They get a quality chimney cap with huge screen area (3/4″ mesh) for its size and you only have to carry one cap.

* Comes in either a single box or economical 5-pack

* A Universal damper kit can be installed inside the cap when it’s needed. Anything the cap fits, so does the damper.

101 102 damper kit 3 250 large

* Use the multi-cage lid to create chimney caps for those odd size flues.

multi cage lid hands 250 large

The Universal’s unique inside and anchoring system is designed with windy conditions in mind.

110 anchor sys extra 1 250 medium

Also comes in Black Powder Coated Galvanized (6 Year Guarantee) and Copper.