Chimney Masonry Repairs After Water Damage

A masonry chimney is constructed using different materials such as metal parts, brick, mortar, concrete, concrete blocks, cast iron steel, and flue tile. Most masonry chimneys and fireplaces will have all or most of these materials. When these materials come into contact with water, especially for a long time, they might be compromised and this is why these areas need to remain as dry as possible throughout the year.

There are basically two types of chimneys. There is a factory built chimney and a masonry chimney. In both of these types, bricks and stone might be involved. If the bricks and the stones absorb water or when water collects in joints of the chimney masonry, it might freeze and thaw and this process can compromise the integrity of the chimney structure. Water is known to accelerate the deterioration of brick and concrete structure especially if it is in prolonged contact with them. If you live in cold areas, this water will freeze and thaw and this will eat through the structure. The water might also cause rust in the metal elements and when the metal is affected, the structure will be compromised.

When the structure is compromised by water, it might be time to involve a professional in the repairs. This is because the deterioration of the parts in the structure might require expert hands and this is where professional masonry repair companies come in. The repairs might be simple or can be complicated and require replacement of major parts in the structure. Working with a professional will make sure that you get the best results. They will professionally handle the masonry repair and make sure that the chimney gets its glory back. Apart from repairs, these companies also provide other services such as inspection of chimneys and fireplaces, and cleaning.